iPhone 4S is the pioneer phone for Bluetooth 4.0

On October 24, 2011

The iPhone has achieved many extraordinary feats such as the launch of Siri, a voice control program built into the device. It is also one of the few world phones (can run on both GSM and CDMA network) that are available in the planet. However, those aren’t just the things that the iPhone has given to the society. In fact, the iPhone 4S which is Apple newest device is also the first device on which supports Bluetooth 4.0.

A lot of devices today are still running on Bluetooth 2.1 and below but the iPhone is a step ahead amongst these phones but the question that comes to anyone’s mind is “How much difference between Bluetooth 2.1 and 4.0?”

The difference lies in the power consumption as Bluetooth 4.0 has noticeably lower power consumption as compared with previous versions of Bluetooth. This then enables devices such as watches, shoes and any other devices that could communicate with each other to be equipped with the wireless technology. However, with the release of Bluetooth 4.0, devices will have to be categorized into two categories: Bluetooth Smart and Bluetooth Smart Ready.

Bluetooth Smart Ready devices will have two different radios in it while a Bluetooth Smart device will have only one. Devices that fall to the Bluetooth Smart Ready categories would be the tablets, phones and PCs while Bluetooth Smart devices are those that the aforementioned devices would want to connect to such as watches and medical bracelets. Nevertheless, this opens up to new possibilities with the iPhone 4S. Only time will tell.