iPhone 4S review: A closer look at the new device

On November 26, 2011


The first Apple phone impressed by the concept of multitouch screen. The second brought us the long awaited support for high-speed Internet. iPhone 3GS increased processing rate and raised the iPhone 4 multimedia experience to a higher level (by implementing and launching the application FaceTime HD camera). Here, briefly, how each iPhone generation convinced us. Technologies were not invented by Apple at all, but the Cupertino Company’s merit was the way it was exposed. A very important contributory voice and stage presence was the late CEO Steve Jobs. Keeping exposure of the model with “killer feature”, iPhone 4S, Steve launched his absence, managed to stir up a real frenzy among fans of gadgets.

“Full” connectivity, “Half” experience

iPhone 4S, as any top device provides all necessary tableware for browsing and communication with mobile and Wi-Fi.

Safari is faster than ever, but let’s not forget that Flash elements are further restricted. Instead, HTML5 Web pages, though still few, have part of rendering the book.

Bluetooth, although reached the 4.0 version, is limited by Apple and does not include file transfer protocol. Instead, promises broadband data communication with various accessories: Bluetooth Stereo headphones, fitness accessories etc.

Overall, those who have accepted the limitations of the iPhone will be happy to learn that internet is amazing and has Bluetooth 4.0, others will continue to criticize the policy of Apple.

Good autonomy.

iPhone 4S, thanks to its excellent ecosystem optimized, fails to provide a range superior to competing Android devices. It is difficult to give exact figures, the fact is that intensively used, has two days without problems. So, it is a phone that does not have to be charged every night or keep it online all day at the office PC.

Packages with standard plug adapter

The package includes data cable, headphones, AC adapter card and power supply outlet. The latter is compatible with outlets in the UK.

Design, construction, ergonomics

Although shows 99% identical to iPhone 4, Apple’s new phone design is slightly modified. To avoid problems with the signal (remember the “antenna-gate”), iPhone 4S has a system with two antennas offering improved reception signal and prevents falls. You can see the differences if you look carefully at the positioning edge of the devices and compare them.

iPhone 4S has 140 grams, 3 grams more than the iPhone 4. Otherwise, the two terminals have the same look (candy bar with 3.5 inch multitouch screen, 960 x 640 pixels) and size (115.2 x 58.6 x 9.3 mm). Even the camera, although it has a higher resolution (8 MP to 5 MP) and another lens system on the outside design.

In terms of ergonomics in everyday use, experience with the iPhone 4S is particularly pleasant and does not raise any problem. The shiny plastic case gets dirty immediately by the fingerprints and to keep its “beauty” you must clean it after each use.

Inserting and removing the Micro Sim card, we remind you, is done using special needle included in the package or if you lose it, with a similar object. It should be placed in slot on the right and down until the card holder stands out enough that it can be pulled apart with your fingers.

As with previous iPhone models, the battery cannot be removed or replaced, only by authorized Apple service with special tools. Any other action will void the warranty.

Luxury ecosystem

The iPhone 4S chipset is basically the one from iPad 2 (Apple A5), except that the dual core processor is under-clocked and operates at a frequency of 800 MHz (the one on tablet running at 1 GHz).

Includes only 512 MB RAM, but the Apple ecosystem (hardware, OS, applications) is so well optimized that a larger amount would have been not only unnecessary, but would have meant a waste of energy.

Results of synthetic tests show that iPhone 4S is the most powerful smartphone on the market.