iPhone 4S Siri is still flawed, undergoing beta versions

On December 4, 2011

The iPhone 4S comes with a great software that is loved by so many people, Siri. The reason behind it is because it isn’t only a virtual assistant but can also be considered a companion to some as well. A lot of its responses are unexpected from a machine and the amount of work to make it sound more human was definitely appreciated by its users as well. However, users should also keep in mind that Siri is not yet stable and is still under the beta version.

For starters, Siri may be able to add in appointments to the calendar but if users are expecting the program to modify or to edit it, Siri is incapable of doing so. In addition to that, in some cases, the response might not be what users need. For example, saying “Call me an ambulance” will lead Siri to give a response of “From now on, I will call you ‘An Ambulance.’ OK?” which is definitely out of context of what people expected to get.

However, Siri is improving by the day and it could be seen as there are more flaws being tackled. Now it could slowly understand new accents on which most software are unfamiliar with. Within time, Siri will be the best voice recognition program ever made.