iPhone 4S Suffers from Poor Battery Life

On October 29, 2011

Apparently, it isn’t just the iPhone 4 that has a poor battery life performance. Some people concluded that the iPhone 4S has a poorer battery life than its predecessor which comes as a shocking revelation for Apple. The case has been available on Apple’s support forum where that particular thread has reached more than a thousand replies and more than 100,000 views.

This is appalling because even after 18 months of careful preparation for the iPhone 4S after the iPhone 4 has been launched, the device is still having a poor battery performance. In fact, it has been projected by even Apple themselves that the battery life on the iPhone 4S is lower than the one in the iPhone 4 when it is compared side by side.

Some speculates that this problem may be due to a software bug. The software being mentioned are Siri, iCloud, Location Services and a few others which may consume large amount of resources in the iPhone. In addition to that, there is also a comment saying that FourSquare latest update which includes a “Radar” feature that is consuming the battery heavily but there are still no concrete proof that this is the main cause for the problem.

Whatever it may be, users may expect a new update coming up soon which should neutralize the problem. Until then, they will have to wait.