iPhone 4S Vs Galaxy Nexus Review

On January 6, 2012

iPhone 4S Vs Galaxy Nexus

Today we will give you further difference between two smartphone and also to give a clearer consideration when you find it is hard to decide which smartphone is better or suite to you. If you are fan of the latest Galaxy Nexus or iPhone 4S, here we will compare further about iPhone 4S Vs Galaxy Nexus. Those smartphones are the smartphone that considered having almost similar specs and feature that might make the customer quite confused to pick one of them. iPhone 4S Vs Galaxy Nexus seem to be the equal smartphone with its latest technology and attractive design. What we will find to be the significant difference on those smartphone is on its OS. Galaxy Nexus will have the latest Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich than iPhone 4S got its own developed OS iOS 5 that developed by Apple itself. Both OS will give an excellent performance on each smartphone. The other difference that we can see on these two smartphone is on its dimension. Galaxy nexus will seems wider with its wide display screen, but iPhone 4S will have compact design with its small display screen.

Though iPhone 4S Vs Galaxy Nexus have different size on its wide, it share almost the same size on its thickness. They are actually got the dimension as follow, Galaxy Nexus has 135.5 x 67.94 x 9.47 mm and iPhone 4S has 115.2 x 58.6 x 9.33 mm. They have close number on the thickness, though the significant difference is seen on their display screen size. Move to the display screen, iPhone 4S Vs Galaxy Nexus have its own plus point. Galaxy has 4.65 inches display screen and supported with Super AMOLED technology that has higher resolution. iPhone 4S has only 3.50 inches display screen with higher pixel density. Still these two smartphones closely compete each other. The other difference that might be quite significant for us is on its camera quality. We will find that iPhone 4S will have higher resolution that will also affect on the image result, that give a better quality image than Galaxy Nexus that only has 5 MP on its camera. Though Galaxy Nexus will result a bit natural picture on the outdoor picture, Galaxy Nexus cannot give you a good image result on the indoor picture. iPhone 4S will give you better image quality since it has a better LED flashlight. On the hardware they got almost the same quality. iPhone 4S got dual-core 1GHz with A5 chipset that developed by Apple itself, than Galaxy Nexus has dual-core 1.2GHZ TI OMAP 4460. Both iPhone 4S Vs Galaxy Nexus have graphic processor to support a good display, but have different system memory. iPhone 4S has 512MB RAM and Galaxy Nexus has 1GB RAM. Though Galaxy Nexus got a bigger capacity on system memory, it has lower capacity in the internal memory that only got 32GB. iPhone 4S has a bigger internal memory capacity with 64GB.

iPhone 4S Vs Galaxy Nexus Video

iPhone 4S Vs Galaxy Nexus will have its own plus points and its own fanatic fan. We will have almost the same price on both smartphone with contract on each, they got around $299. We might be able to give a comparison on iPhone 4S Vs Galaxy Nexus, but the final decision on which one is better back to the customer.