iPhone 5 Already in Production

On July 17, 2012

There are a lot of things to look forward with the iPhone 5. This includes a bigger screen, quad-core processors and many more. Even if these are all rumors, with none being stated true by Apple, the sources which are close and reliable makes the possibility of it becoming true is high. In fact, for those that are looking forward for the new iPhone, they have good news to celebrate about because the iPhone 5 is said to now be in production.

This has been stated by Macotakara which is a Japanese blog. The blog stated that according to their sources, the iPhone 5 is already in production in the factories in China. As a reference to the previous iPad, it took at least two months between the initial production and the launch of the product. This means that the iPhone 5 might be launch sometime in September or October 2012.

With this being said and done, the rumors and assumptions that the iPhone 5 will be launched by Fall 2012 seems to be true. Macotakara also stated that there will be a two-tone effect which has a naked aluminum surface as well as a partially glass covered portion. Will it be true? Only time will tell whether all of these rumors will be true.