iPhone 5 compatible with HSPA+ technology which allows web browsing at speeds of up to 21 Mbps

On September 29, 2011

The conference presentation of iPhone 5 will take place on Tuesday but until then we find that the new device from Apple would be compatible with HSPA+ standard that allows Web surfing at speeds up to 21Mbps.

The information comes from a blog as a Japanese official said that China Unicom said in a presentation held at the MacWorld Asia that Apple intend to make the new device compatible with this new technology.

iPhone 4 is only able to reach speeds of 7.2 Mbps at the moment and a jump from 21 Mbps is perfectly logical considering that last year many operators have significantly improved the speed of the Internet connection.

     Japanese IT news site “PC Watch” tells That, Research Vice President of China Unicom, Huan Wenliang, Told iPhone 5 Will support W-CDMA based high-speed data transfer standard HSPA Evolution “HSPA +” (21Mbps) at keynote speech at Macworld Asia 2011.

Quite a few are compatible with Android HSPA+ standard and in Europe all the big mobile operators have subscriptions that offer speeds of 21 Mbps. Of course the speed itself is theoretical and will not ever be reached on a cell phone but it is an Apple product and represents a promotional offer.

And now, some news about iPhone 5: Today Apple officially announced in London the Covent Garden store employees, Tuesday will close earlier than usual and the whole team will watch the company’s Cupertino headquarters conference with some journalists invited to the event. The announcement was made via e-mails and says that Apple will shoot the live event and the public could submit it on their own website, as they did in the presentation last year. iPhone 5 launch is more important than WWDC 2011 for most ordinary users so it would be logical for Apple to focus on providing a live connection to the conference.