iPhone 5 Could Have A Successor This Summer

On April 3, 2013

Apple management seems to take seriously the competition offered by manufacturers like Samsung, HTC and LG and decided to expedite preparations for the next iPhone version, hoping thereby to strengthen the company’s presence in the smartphone market.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Apple will begin production for the successor of iPhone 5 in the coming months in preparation for a launch event to be held before the end of the summer.

From the information known to date, Apple will retain approximately unchanged recipe used so far, the new iPhone will have similar shapes and dimensions of the current model.

There are still rumors on launching a cheaper iPhone version, to the emerging markets and users with modest budgets. It should come equipped with a 4-inch screen, hardware recycled from one of the previous iPhone versions and different looking housing, available in several colors. As for the release date, the cheaper version of the iPhone could come out in the second half of 2013.

While speculation about launching a cheaper iPhone does not seem to have much credibility at this point, information about the iPhone 5S continues to gather multiple reputable sources confirmed over time, urging interested persons who have thus far resisted the impulse to buy an iPhone 5 to wait for the iPhone 5S version.