Apple plans to reduce the price of the iPhone 3GS and to launch iPhone 5 at the end of the summer

On July 19, 2011

We already know that the news that talks about the new iPhone 5 are out of any control, but what BGR says, comes from a reliable source who knows better what is happening in China where all Apple devices are produced.

There are two news regarding this subject: the first refers to a model of economic iPhone. It will be. There will not be a new device, instead will be the current iPhone 3GS that will be sold at a price of $350 without subscription.

Iphone 5, in turn, will be radically different from the current model, but states that, still doesn’t know if this device will be launched in 2011 or 2012. If it will be launched in 2012 will be possible for Apple to produce a species of iPhone 4S that features Apple A5 CPU, an improved camera and am identical design with the current iPhone 4, which will happen in the late summer to focus on the launch of the new model next year.

Apple, soon will have 4 new devices: the economic base model named iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 that will be part of the average device, a new device with a relatively high price named iPhone 4S and one of the most awaited devices named iPhone 5.