iPhone 5 Purple Camera Problem

On October 7, 2012

The iPhone 5 has the same type of camera as compared with the iPhone 4S but with 25% smaller than the latter. It was hoped that the camera would be just as good as the predecessor but it seems that a problem had surfaced to the users of the iPhone 5. Whenever the camera is aimed towards the sun or a bright light source, a purple haze was made visible. Suffice to say that it won’t result in a good photo but rather one that would have been seen taken from a broken camera instead.

Because of this problem, Apple had decided to respond to the problem. It was stated that the symptoms is when a purplish flare is imaged out-of-scene during still image or video capture. As far as the resolution is concerned, there isn’t much that the user can do, other than to move the camera away from the bright light source or to shield the camera away from it. This means that you will not be able to take a lens flare effect with the iPhone 5.

As mentioned before, the camera was the same 8 megapixel found in the iPhone 4S. In fact, it used the same 3264×2448 backside-illuminated sensor too although the size was reduced.