iPhone 5 Release Might Be Delayed

On July 26, 2012

The next iPhone is due to be released soon and the expected date is sometime around fall. However, there might just be a problem with this date because based on a report made by the China’s First Financial Daily stated that there is currently a shortage of components, especially on the 28 nanometer chips that will be used on the next generation iPhone.

They also reported that based on Qualcomm’s CEO Paul Jacobs’ statement, the company is having a tough time keeping up with the ever increasing demand for its 28 nanometer chips. Specifically speaking, the Snapdragon S4 processors are the ones that are in demand by major manufacturers all around the world. However, they expect to ramp up productions so that they can keep up with the release of new products. We expect that one of this would be the next generation iPhone.

With this being said and done, a shortage can definitely mean a shortage of supply for Apple, especially if the company decides to sell the device even with the shortage of stock. With so many countries that the company has to cater to, that might just be a problem and thus a delay would make much sense.