iPhone 5 rumored to get double the RAM, CDMA and GSM capabilities

On September 26, 2011

RAM or Random Access Memory is important to any smartphone as it determines the amount of memory available for applications to run. It can simply be expected that a phone with a low RAM would be slightly unresponsive at time but that is never the case with an iPhone.

Nonetheless, it doesn’t stop Apple from doubling the RAM of the new iPhone to 1GB based on a tipster. This is so that it could support the new iOS Assistant application which needs a lot of memory to run smoothly. With this much RAM, there is no telling of the speed of the new iPhone 5.

In addition to that, rumor also has it that the new iPhone will be using Qualcomm Gobi radios. The good thing about these chips is that it can run both CDMA and GSM SIM cards, thus cutting the need for two separate phones. This may also mean that there will be a single version of the iPhone 5 regardless of carrier which would make the device a World Phone. But it would be better if Apple would add in a lot more corporate features like encryption which would further gear the phone towards both the average consumer and the business consumers.