iPhone 5 will be smaller, thinner and with a new SIM

On May 28, 2011

During an interview with Digital AllThings, Stephane Richard (CEO of France Telecom) left to assume that the next iPhone will be small and thin and has confirmed a rumor that that was told several days ago, a new SIM.

Richards also said the company was working with Apple to design a new type of card that meets successfully standard security and authentication requirements and is compatible with the design requirements imposed by Apple. This mean, besides a smaller and thinner iPhone, most likely we will see introduced (again) a new SIM card format that can be mounted in the new Apple smartphone.

So, as you can see, the rumors will become more and more true. The declarations and interviews are coming to a truth finally.

Do you have nerve to wait until the iPhone 5 appears? Then don’t worry, we will surely keep you up-to-date about all the newest rumors and information‚Äôs about iPhone 5.