iPhone 5 to come with NFC support

On June 25, 2012

Knowing new things about the future iPhone is certainly interesting especially when there are a lot that you can talk about. However, most of these are just rumors although some do come from credible sources. In fact, some even come from the manufacturers themselves. One of it is the NFC support that will be made available on the next iPhone.

Mentioned by 9to5Mac which is certainly a good source for iPhone rumors, the next iPhone might make it possible for the users to transfer and share files through the means of near field communications (NFC). The basis on which they are sharing this information is through the codes pulled from the Engineering Verification Testing or a prototype of the iPhone 5. It is expected to have the antenna made for this technology as well.

The usage of NFC does come with its perks. For starters, you can start with mobile payments through swiping your phone at the NFC receiver. In addition to that, data can also be shared with people. Passbook might also be a platform for NFC as this has also been stated by 9to5Mac. Although the first version might not have this feature, it is expected for the app to support the aforementioned technology.