iPhone 5C, Dissected – New Images With Its Front Panel And Components

On August 3, 2013

After we had the opportunity to closely study the white plastic cover reserved for its back, the Apple phone known by the name of iPhone 5C can be seen in new images showing its front side, camera module and most internal components.

According to the source, iPhone 5C is a more accessible version of Apple’s iPhone 5 made with a weaker hardware and presented in a cheap housing, made entirely of plastic and diversified with more color options.

Unfortunately until a functional exemplary, or even images clear enough to read the inscriptions from the electronics, it is difficult to determine the exact configuration of the phone.

Judging by the look of the camera and lens color, it is expected that the 8MP resolution will remain unchanged found in the current iPhone 5 model. The screen seems to have kept its 4-inch diagonal, but it remains to be seen if the resolution is the same, or Apple opted for a less expensive non-Retina display.

Fully assembled, iPhone 5C will be slightly thicker than the iPhone 5 (8.2mm vs 7.6mm) and heavier. Having an iPhone 5S model with superior features and an iPhone 5C version with close specifications, but cheaper than the old iPhone 5, is likely that Apple to decide early retirement of the latter.