iPhone 5C sales are disappointing. What’s missing from the “cheap” Apple phone?

On October 19, 2013


In the absence of official data from Apple, speculation about the iPhone 5C weak sales increase. In the U.S. and in China, iPhone 5S, the expensive smartphone, sells better than the colored one with plastic casing.

Apple failed to excite too many people with its concept of “premium plastic”. iPhone 5C, with the same specs as the iPhone 5, is still a smartphone feared by competition, but not desired by buyers that the American company are trying to attract.

Apple sells iPhone 5C at a still high price, but the picture of a “cheap” phone might damage the smartphone. In the U.S., at every sold iPhone 5C, there are two more iPhone 5S sold, and in China, at the official and the gray market, there are sold at least 8 phones with aluminum finish at every iPhone with plastic case.

If the trend continues, Apple will likely reduce production of iPhone 5C, given that the new iPhone 5S is more attractive despite the higher price. Jokers can say that Apple phone is bought as social symbol more than a performant gadget. Price cuts have not helped iPhone 5C in China, so Apple needs a new marketing strategy to sell the colored phone.