iPhone 5S And 5C, New Images Appeared On The Web – iPhones Are Left With Only A Few Secrets

On August 26, 2013

There are still two weeks until the official launch of the two devices, so the internet is full of rumors.

Apple fans eagerly awaiting the launch of iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C can make an idea of how the future smartphones will be by studying the images that have appeared before the big event. There are about two weeks before the planned launch, and after many pictures from here, we feel that there are left only a few things to know about these two phones.

iPhone 5S photo appeared again in golden frame version, so we can get an idea of how it would be. The front should be identical to the iPhone 5 model, now according to pictures published on PhoneArena that you can find in the gallery at the end of the article.

But rumors have not missed the iPhone 5C model, which appears in all 5 colors and is said to be seen in: yellowish green, white, blue and pink in a photo posted on Twitter. We are getting closes to the date when they will be launched, just wait and see, we will present them all in details here.