iPhone 5S And Cheaper iPhone 5C Version – Officialy Launched Together Next Month

On August 21, 2013

Apple is preparing to launch two iPhone models simultaneously, the first being the successor to the current iPhone 5 phone offered in a metal case and equipped with a powerful camera equipped with dual-LED flash. Perhaps the most interesting for fans could be the iPhone 5C model, the budget iPhone version phone.

According to sources cited by the Wall Street Journal, Apple urged their Foxconn partner to speed up assembly of both iPhone versions in preparation for the launch event scheduled for September 10. Movement to launch two iPhone models simultaneously announced a change in Apple’s strategy, the company’s plan is to restore its strength to once again be competing in the smartphone market which is becoming more dynamic.

Even with two iPhone models launched simultaneously, their supply store stocks should not be an issue, given the recent work of Apple suppliers, which started mass production parts since June.

Meanwhile, Koreans from Samsung seem determined to push into obscurity the event prepared by Apple, scheduling two major product releases for September 4. Even if we still cannot say with certainty what it is produced, the main candidates are the popular smartphone Galaxy Note III and surprise wristwatch gadget called Galaxy Gear.