iPhone 5S and iOS 7 Will Be Released On September 10 – Hope To See iPhone 5C There Too

On August 12, 2013

According to anonymous sources cited by AllThingsD, the future iPhone mobile will be revealed on September 10, which could hardly be called a surprise, considering that the previous generation was announced in the same period. What should we expect but in this event?

The main star is the iPhone 5S, next generation of the Apple phone. At this time, a rumor circulated about the fingerprint reader which will be implemented within the Home button, the emergence Apple A7 processor, a larger sensor camera, dual LED flash and a battery with a higher capacity. How many of them will prove to be real, we’ll know in a month.

Version 7 of the iOS operating system will certainly accompany the launch of the new phone. Over the period that has elapsed since the first beta, it has undergone a series of visible changes.

The most interesting release may be also the cheapest version of Apple’s iPhone. Long-rumored, never confirmed in any way by Apple, it seems to really be called iPhone 4C, the suffix marking multiple color versions which are available. Rumors say that it will be virtually an iPhone 5 packed in a plastic housing, following its launch in the market to remove iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 models that are used by Apple as lower-cost options.

The source from AllThingsD didn’t said anything about tablets, but this was expected, the new iPad being announced at separate events.