iPhone 5S, Apple and induction charging

On March 10, 2013

This week, rumor has gave us to understand that Apple would implement an induction charging system in iPhone 5S. Statements contradicted the last year’s rumor of Phil Schiller, who said that current technology of induction charging is ineffective, it connect devices requiring a charging pad to make the transfer of energy. Basically you can connect a mobile terminal to a computer.

Even if Apple rejects the idea of using induction charging on its current system, the American company is working for years in their own system that would allow charging Apple products without using a charging pad. Basically Apple imagines that they may develop a so-called device that generates a load and any device close to it in that zone can be made automatically loaded. Loading area would have a diameter of several meters and may be therefore not necessary to place the electronic device in close proximity.

Apple technology is now in the process of development and do not know if there is even a prototype iPhone and iPad tablet that can be charged with it, but most likely there are some Apple engineers trying to improve the system. Basically the only way Apple could implement induction charging technology would require a field load generation in users homes, the idea of using charging pads being rejected from the start.