iPhone 5S comes with Blue Screen of Death – BSOD [VIDEO]

On October 13, 2013


A few weeks after launch, the iPhone 5S reminds us of Microsoft creations, by its prestigious Blue Screen of Death or BSOD display screen.

Of all the scandals that appear on internet every year in the week following the release of an iDevice, it might be the most full of intrigue.

Owners of iPhone 5S woke up that day encounter blue screens like it was running on a Windows 95 though. It is a very interesting twist to the situation. Screens error itself would be relatively easily tolerated if it were not associated with an automatic restarts of the system.

More serious and embarrassing is that the problem is not only common, but is also very easy to replicate. First, apparently, mainly affects applications created by Apple, like Pages, Numbers or Keynote. Stands out in the video below how easy it is to take your device in that state, but it is easy to realize what the situation is on the BSOD of iPhone 5S. Basically, select a text in Pages and from the context menu select recitation function, when iPhone will speak, try to enter and exit in the same application.

This recipe is fatal and it remains for you to try and see if your new device falls among the vulnerable. In an attempt to reconstruct the circumstances of the video below, make sure that you could lose the document you’re working on.