iPhone 5S could have a 13 megapixel camera, iPad 5 and Mini iPad 2 would be released in October

On January 26, 2013

The people at iLounge tell us now that the iPhone 5S, whose prototypes were codenamed N51 and N53, would have a new face and a possible 13-megapixel camera produced by Sony, together with an improved LED flash. The device is now in the process of development within Apple, but it is expected to hit the market in July. iPad 5 has the J72 code and its launch remains scheduled for October.

The iPhone 5S is still months away from mass production, but our source suspects that the star feature will be an upgraded rear camera—perhaps featuring Sony’s 13-Megapixel sensor, plus the aforementioned flash upgrade—along with a processor bump. Current prototypes are codenamed N51 and N53, with July mentioned as the target date. The iPad 5’s code name is J72. As mentioned before, it looks like an October release, give or take.

Regarding Mini iPad 2, the tablet is codenamed J85 and beyond the implementation of a Retina Display does not seem to exist yet, other notable news prepared by Apple for this one. The tablet will most likely have a new face, but the design would remain unchanged and practically out of a better screen there were no other consumer demands, so Apple can make great improvements on the software part.