iPhone 5S could have a thinner and stronger dual LED flash

On March 1, 2013

Apple could launch an iPhone that has a screen of 4.5 inch, plastic casing similar to the MacBook design launched by Apple a few years ago. Part of the rumor published last night is talking about iPhone 5S which would have a built-in dual LED flash, improved terminal capacity to take pictures in low light conditions. Continuing rumor says that iPhone 5S could be thinner thanks to reduction of the internal components, but more durable, Apple is probably changing some materials to eliminate the peeling sidebands.

As a talk of the informed sources who can trust it, next iPhone has a high possibility that a dual light-emitting-diode flush which “STREAM 201HW” of HUAWEI, “Ascend HW-01E”, “HTC Desire HD” of HTC, etc. have adopted is carried.

Basically Apple might decide to significantly improve the camera, given that the differences between iPhone 4S and the iPhone 5 are insignificant and implementation of a dual LED flash and a possible 13-megapixel camera with improved image sensor, it would solve the problem. The new terminal is expected to go into production in March this year and is expected to hit the market somewhere in June after a possible presentation at WWDC 2013.