iPhone 5S, iPhone Lite, iPad 5 And New Macs Would Be Launched In September

On July 23, 2013

One of the analysts who in the past has provided valid information about iPhones launches, says now that the iPhone 5S, iPhone Lite, iPad 5 and a new model of MacBook Pro Retina Display will be launched in September.

iPhone Lite and iPad 5 will make their appearance on the market at the beginning of the month, while MacBook Pro Retina Display to be launched in the middle of the month and iPhone 5S should reach user’s hands at the end of the month. In the case of the iPhone 5S terminal we are talking about a small number of units available at its launch, the new components keeping the production in one place, but iPhone Lite should be available in sufficient quantities and is more easily produced.

We believe iPhone 5S will experience production difficulties among numerous components as well as assembly, as seen with iPhone 5 last year. The model will thus be available only in limited amounts following launch. We expect undersupply to improve in October or November.

iPad 5 will be launched with a new design, with an A5 chip and it should be up to 30% lighter and thinner thanks to thoughtful design changes by those from Apple. Unfortunately a new version of the iPad Mini is not presented as being released in September, Apple is having trouble producing Retina Displays for it, so iPad Mini 2 is expected to hit the market next year. Finally there is MacBook Pro Retina Display, to be updated since the summer, and a new mode of iMac, which will be released in August, both of which take advantage of the Intel Haswell platform.

Given that we are talking about rumors, nothing is certain, but the analyst had previously accurate information, so now we can talk about exactly the same thing.