iPhone 5S – The Motherboard Of The Device Shown In The First Image

On May 10, 2013

iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 will be launched this year by Apple, and one of the updates that will be implemented in the terminal is connected to the camera. Many analysts talk about a 12 or 13 megapixel camera that will make room in the terminal and the picture below should undoubtedly confirm this. The image shows that Apple intends to change the motherboard design, the new component connects the camera with the flash LED, and its structure is different from that on the iPhone 5.

Although it is speculated that this motherboard would actually be developed for the iPhone that would be part of the cheaper production process from Apple, does not really matter exactly where we find changes, important is the fact that it exists and will be implemented in terminals. A new camera could force Apple to change the motherboard design to allow its installation and supply of electricity, but of course the design can be changed due to other internal components that are implemented for the first time in terminals.