iPhone 5S Will Be Released In A Golden Version This Autumn

On August 19, 2013

The long list of rumors regarding the possible launch of a gold iPhone 5S adds today the TechCrunch information of famous American blog managed by multiple sources tp confirm that the device will be available in a gold version. The color will be similar to the one you see in the picture, will resemble slightly with champagne and will not be quite as obvious as some think.

It looks like coloring an iPhone using this color is much simpler than to make it silver or black, so for Apple we not talking about complicated manufacturing process.

Yes, there will be a gold iPhone. That’s the latest I’m hearing from multiple sources after several weeks of rumors and possible component leaks suggesting the same thing. …who noted that gold would be one of the “easiest colors to anodize onto an iPhone”.

Basically Apple was going to make a device which has a certain touch of style, seeming to again become the new gold, but we’re not talking about a terminal that will have “flashy” colors that will stand out anywhere. Apple has used the golden color for iPods and the picture above is a good example, but ironically it was one of the models that did not enjoy popularity, so Apple had to give it up, so it remains to be seen how the new iPhone 5S it will handle this one.