iPhone 5S Will Have A Better Camera, But Do Not Expect Miracles

On April 21, 2013

iPhone 5S will have a better camera, we almost certainly know this, but any source of information not yet revealed details on what this camera will do better. It is rumored that iPhone 5s would have a 12 megapixel camera, 4 megapixels higher than the one from iPhone 5, but many of you probably already know that the Megapixel number is not that important. Importantly is the image sensor and how the camera it’s built, and so far we didn’t seen if with iPhone 5S we take much better pictures than any other iPhone released so far.

iPhone 5 has made minor improvements at the photos chapter mainly it makes much better pictures in low light conditions, but otherwise no major differences compared to iPhone 4S’s camera. We know that the iPhone 5S will have a camera that will take better pictures in low light conditions, but I recommend not to expect major improvements in terms of recording pictures because it is unlikely that in an S iPhone to have place a major technological revolution, especially in terms of camera.

I expect the iPhone 5S to make better pictures in low light conditions, to render a more accurate color, better video/audio recording and to have an improved system for stabilization. It is possible that Apple to implement new functions for editing pictures, but the chances are small and certainly will not be talking about something extraordinary. It would be ideal if Apple would introduce options for applying effects while recording pictures or videos, resolution options for setting the number of frames, but I think such desires will not find a fulfillment in a native iOS application.