iPhone 5S – With A7 Chip, 1 GB RAM and Dual LED Flash

On June 25, 2013

Last week we saw the whole internal structure of the iPhone 5S terminal thanks to pictures that showed what appeared to be the next device, and today we learn that find the A7 chip from Apple in it. Although the chips from images were not branding A7 that many expected to see, codes recorded on their edges denote that Apple will keep their promises. If you look at the picture, you will notice that the top is marked with APL0698 code, a code that at first glance does not say much, but in fact confirm the existence of A7 chip.

A6 chip from Apple has the APL0598 code, A6X chip from iPad has the APL5598 code, (A5 chip with the APL0498 code) and the difference of one digit/two digits of the code and the A5/A6 chip denote the image of a new model transition. APL0698 revisions show the existence of a new A-series chips, and for those who know exactly how Apple calls their components, this is the fact that the iPhone 5S would contain an A7 chip.

Analyzing other codes on the chips, it seems that the prototype of the component whose talk was assembled in December 2012, so it is quite old, would still have 1 GB of RAM. Apart from RAM, the identification code of the chip show that Apple would have received from a different factory than the Samsung’s one, and if we make a link between this information and that the contract between Apple and TSMC, then that rumor seems credible.

Finally there is the dual LED flash that is presented in a much clearer image and it does not appear to have been altered in any way. Notice that now houses two different bulbs into place dedicated to flash, and with their help pictures should be recorded in much better conditions, but we’re talking only about those taken at night.