iPhone 5s – With iPhone 5 Design, Screens Will Enter Into Production Next Month

On May 9, 2013

All security on launching the iPhone 5S in the summer is gone, Apple is preparing to launch the terminal this autumn, 12 months away from the launch of the iPhone 5. To confirm this timeline, an Asian publication says that Retina displays for the iPhone 5S will enter into production in the next month, Sharp, LG and Japan Display being the main producers. The same trio of producers supplying screens for iPhone 5, so do not expect any change in the configuration of this component because it does not exist.

Sharp also begin in June the mass production of the next model for the liquid crystal panel of the (multi-function mobile phone) smartphone that Apple is planning on. Appears to have embarked on production readiness of consecutive holidays from May Kameyama Plant No. 1 of Apple smartphones LCD dedicated plagued by sluggish occupancy rate since the beginning of the year in (Kameyama, Mie Prefecture).

The design of the terminal is to remain unchanged, but the device should have a better camera and should be available in more colors than hitherto. Basically the only news about the iPhone 5S is the launch period and if you were thinking that you could buy an iPhone 5s from Apple this summer, then I recommend you to think again because the device is coming to the market in the autumn and through November could reach all over the world.