iPhone 5S would be available in two versions with at least two different sized screens

On April 9, 2013

The latest rumor about iPhone 5S terminal has in its center the analyst Brian White of Topeka Capital Markets, saying that the future Apple terminal is expected to hit the market in two versions with different sized screens. The analyst discussed with Apple partners from Asia, talks giving us to understand that Apple could bring on the market a new series of iPhones screens that could have three different sizes. Although it does not specify any of the dimensions, the analyst continues with the same information about cheap iPhones and everything we already knew.

It is clear that Apple will continue to sell iPhones with the 3.5 inch and 4 inch screens, but further then 4 inch there was no reason for Apple to venture, at least for now. Though the company is testing iPhones with screens larger than 4 inches, is unlikely to see them on the market this year and the success of the iPhone 5 is probably the best reason for keeping them. iPhone 5S will have the same 4-inch screen that can be found on iPhone 5 and maybe with iPhone 6 we can barely see more diverse terminals.