iPhone 5S would have a better camera with a fingerprint reader – iPhone Mini would appear in summer

On April 12, 2013

Rumors concerning the launch of iPhone 5S is continued today by a U.S. analyst reaffirming that the device would have a better camera and a fingerprint reader. Recently attending a convention in China, sources say that iPhone 5S would have a 4 inch screen, just like the iPhone 5, this despite the fact that others say the opposite. Finally some remarks regarding the fact remains that the volume buttons would be easily repositioned.

Strangely enough, the lower-priced iPhone is still being called the “iPhone mini”; however, the general consensus (albeit a few disagreed and expect a slightly smaller screen) was that this new device would actually have the same screen size (i.e., 4-inches) as the iPhone 5.

The rumor about iPhone 5 is not complete without some information about the cheap iPhone that would be released throughout the summer and that would be named iPhone Mini. The terminal would have a 4 inch screen, despite the name, is supposed to have a plastic casing and would be colored and of course will be more expensive than the rest of Apple iPhones. Basically until now we’ve heard exactly the same information from different sources, a sign that something is not quite what Apple said.