iPhone 5S's Fingerprint Reader Could Be Located Separately From The Home Button

On June 9, 2013

Multiple rumors emerged so far suggesting that the iPhone 5S will have a fingerprint reader with which Apple intends to secure our devices and eventually allowing us to pay from our iPhones and iPads. So far it has been suggested an idea that this fingerprint reader will be part of the iPhone 5S Home button, but a picture published yesterday shows a supposed iPhone 5S Home button and it contains just a connector that would allow attaching a fingerprint reader.

iPhone 5S connector is much longer and thinner than the one from iPhone 5, this suggesting that Apple is giving extra space for this fingerprint reader in the internal structure of the terminal. If the fingerprint reader will be available in the Home button, then we can expect it to be accessible over or on the sides of the button, but for now we do not have an image that suggests its possible location. Stay tuned because these days we will surely see a picture with its fingerprint reader and where it is located.