iPhone 6 has as a codenamed iPhone Air. It is extremely thin

On January 9, 2014


A Korean website writes that Apple is working hard on the future model that will most likely be launched in the second half of the year.

When launched, the iPhone 3GS had a thickness of 12 mm. The new iPhone 5S measures only 7.6 mm. Korean news site ET announce now that the code name for the next Apple phone is the iPhone Air, because it is extremely thin.

iPhone 6 rumor says it would measure only 6 mm thick. It will however be higher. It would seem that there will be a closer model to 6 inches.

Considering that lately Apple is speculated to launch new iPhones with larger screens, in the below picture we can only confirm that 2014 will really be dedicated to more than 4 inches iPhone screens devices.

iphone 6

As you can see, the housing frame from images which are supposed to be of the new iPhone 6 phone, is very thin, the next device from Apple having very good chances to be declared the thinnest iPhone yet.

The earlier release of the iPhone 6 will take place from May to June.