iPhone 6, iOS 7 found on App Logs

On January 2, 2013

You would have expected an iPhone 5S before an iPhone 6 although right now we cannot be so sure anymore. This is because there has been a few app developers mentioning that they saw a new version of the iPhone called the iPhone 6 on their usage log. In fact, to make things even more interesting, the iPhone is powered with an iOS 7 instead of version 6 that is currently available.

When the IP address is traced, it leads back to the Apple headquarters at Cupertino. The interesting thing is that this doesn’t just happen in one or two app developers but several others as well. One of the reason why this might have shown up at the usage logs is probably because Apple is testing the new device with major applications. This is to ensure compatibility between the big applications with the iPhone.

As mentioned by The Next Web, Apple has yet to announce any changes in features of the iOS 7. So the ‘iPhone6,1’ identifier might either be a spoof or they are just testing some new hardware. However, don’t get your hopes up just yet because we doubt that Apple is going to announce an upgrade to the iPhone 5 this early.