iPhone 6 will use the p-Si LCD display

On May 9, 2011

It looks very odd to talk about what kind of parts iPhone 6 will have, since we don’t know when iPhone 5 will appear or how the next Apple touchscreen generation will look like. From the information we found so far, Apple iPhone 5 will have a¬† larger screen. It is planned¬† that the screen will be¬† between 3.7 and 4 inches with the same resolution but it will decrease the pixel density of 326 to 315 pixels per inch.

The low temperature poly-silicon LCD displays consume less energy than most commonly LCD screens  and they also are thinner and lighter. This technology permits systems such as optical sensors and circuits for signal processing to be integrated directly onto the glass. Consumers will also see  the benefits as the screen provide pure colors and greater durability than the modern mobile screens.

Rumors pretend that the Apple has chosen for the  next iPhone generation the  low-temperature poly-silicon LCD display by Sharp. In accordance with the  information from the  Japanese newspaper, Nikkan, Sharp will start to produce  the LCD  displays in the spring of next year. The company is already preparing for the production of displays in the factory Kameyama Plant No. 1.

via @iphone-ipod