iPhone accessories for sale on Cyber Monday

On November 28, 2011

Cyber Monday means that a lot of gadgets are available for ridiculously low prices and the same can be said to iPhone accessories as well. There are just so many to choose from that we are showing just a few products that we think are newsworthy and here they are:

i.Sound Portable Power Max 8,000 mAh

This 8,000 mAh portable charger has some serious juice inside it and at a greatly discounted price as well. At only $37.99, it is a saving of more than 50%. Having this will mean that your iPod or iPhone can be used for at least an extra 15 hours on the iPad. There is also the 16,000 mAh version which would cost $69.99 per piece.

Philips Fidelio DS1100 Speaker Dock with Clock

The Philips Fidelio Speaker Dock definitely looks good with its white finish and LED clock. The speaker itself is good for those wanting to listen to some music before they sleep. It isn’t as powerful as a dedicated speaker though but is sufficient. At $65, it isn’t too expensive either.

iHome iH15 LED Color-Changing Speaker System

This speaker comes with a white finish but it may also change to other colors such as blue, pink, yellow or even green. It also has a subwoofer built-in the speaker and comes at a price of $43.99.