iPhone Accessories Worth Looking at

On August 18, 2011

Accessories are simply a must for any gadget users and the same can be said for iPhone users as well. Previously, we have written about cases for iPhone 4 but now, we shall now uncover some of the must have accessories for any iPhone owners.

Juice Pack Plus for iPhone 4

Ask any iPhone 4 users and they will agree that the battery life on the iPhone 4 can be somewhat mediocre especially after heavy usage. That is why the Juice Pack Plus for iPhone 4 is very handy for any iPhone 4 users. It acts not only as a case but also as an additional battery. With the capacity of 2000mAh, it is sufficient to last for at least an additional day. However, it may result in a bulkier iPhone 4 as well.

TRON Light Disc Audio Dock by Monster

At a price of $249.95, it is far from cheap. In fact, it costs just as much as the iPhone. However, TRON fans may put such things aside as it not only looks good but sounds good as well. The LED around the ring will also react to any music being played by the iPhone docked making it an awesome accessory to have for the iPhone.


Zenus ‘Define 3G’ Privacy Series Screen Protection Film for iPhone 4

For many, privacy is highly regarded and protecting it is a must. What better way to avoid people peeking through the mobile device than to use this privacy protection film by Zenus. At a cost of $15.99, it is a lot better than having your privacy invaded by unwanted individuals. Think of it as an investment instead.