iPhone Air is a very likely concept for iPhone 6

On November 5, 2013

iPhone Air

Given that Apple is inspiring new products from existing internal ones, an iPhone 6 inspired from iPad Air is not excluded, iPhone Air.

Very long rumored that the new iPad, fifth-generation, will have in common design with the iPad mini. During the launch event a few weeks ago, this trend was confirmed and the result was what we now call the iPad Air.

Because once with the iPhone 6 we expect Apple to introduce a new design for the popular smartphone, it is not excluded that the dominant feature of its design is a blend of iPhone 5S and iPad Air. From here the concept name in the picture, iPhone Air, started. If it materializes, this concept respects the trend introduced a few years ago, based on a thinner and lighter mobile than the previous model.

iPhone Air 2

Compared to the iPhone 4 or iPhone 5, boxy design lines, with well-defined features will be replaced with curved angles that recall the iPhone 3G and of course the recently launched iPad Air. If that becomes a reality, this model may well incorporate in a comfortable way the transition from its current 4-inch screen to a significantly larger screen, of 4.8 inches. In a market ruled by Android phablets, this change of size is inevitable.

Regarding the concept of CiccareDesign, in my opinion, is one of the more plausible that we saw until now. If I didn’t know the truth, I’d even be tempted to think that iPhone Air is the result of creative effort from Jony Ive, vice president in charge of the design of the Apple.