iPhone Will Improve Its Ambient Light Sensor

On May 7, 2011

For what we’ve found on the MacRumors website, Apple is talking with two Taiwan circuit design companies, and to give some examples: we are talking about Integrated Memory Logic (iML) and Capella Microsystems, for components sourcing of the company’s iOS devices.

It was heard that iML would provide to Apple, gamma buffers for the iPad, to help luminance of the LCD displays. But we are talking about iPhone now, so let’s go back to our subject now.
Capella, the firm that ships over one million sensors to HTC monthly it said to have delivered new light sensors to Apple for testing and verification of the new iPhone defices. Capella is searching to improve iPhone ambient light sensors by the end of the year, so you can be sure that those components would represent an awesome feature for its sensors. iPhone 4 have been long time criticized by its users for some problems.

So, for now on, you may be sure that Apple will improve iPhone ambient light sensors.

Via @MacRumors.