iPhone App Developers Chilli X Announce “Done”… Need Help!

On December 25, 2008

iPhone App developers Chilli X need a hand. They have just submitted "Done", their latest app, to the App Store. In their own words,

Done is a great little To Do list with some unique features but we know that there’s a danger that even a beautifully designed list can look pretty boring when it’s full of mundane, everyday tasks – Call John, Put the cat out, Do the shopping…

So here’s the thing… there are quite a few to do list applications already in the App Store. (I should know, as I’ve downloaded and tried just about all of them.) They run the gamut from horrific to excellent. wasn’t all that excited about looking at yet another ToDo list but did, for the sake of the site (and because they tend to do some pretty interesting stuff). After looking at the Chilli X website I have to admit it, Done has an interesting features and I’m really looking forward actually seeing the application when it is released. For example —

When you shake your iPhone the application sorts your list placing important items at the top and completed ones at the bottom.

When you rotate your iPhone a "delete all" button appears. One tap and tasks get zapped.

A snapshot feature lets you grab a screenshot of your six most important and pressing tasks. It then saves the image so that you can use it as your wallpaper. Now, even before you unlock your iPhone you’re reminded of the most pressing tasks before you.

Yup, Done seems to have some interesting features… and we won’t have to wait too long before we actually can test them out ourselves.





Before that happens, though, the good folks at Chilli X could use some help. If you check out the website you’ll get a better description of these unique features. At the same time you’ll also be glad the Chilli X folks develop software and don’t do standup. Look at the screenshots and you’ll know what I mean. They try to be funny with the tasks they list on the screens but, as my grandmother would say, better they should keep their jobs as developers.

Fortunately they are self-aware enough to know it and they’re asking for your/our help.

Take a look at the website and then create your own to-do list for them. Make it something that they’ll want to use in upcoming promotional material. From all of those submissions we (woip) will randomly choose three who will receive promotional codes for the application (upon its release, obviously) and then we will forward them to the developers. Who knows, if you’re funny or touching enough they might use your to do list in one of the images displayed in the App Store.

Get listing as we’ll award the codes tomorrow along with all the others.