iPhone apps for those that likes to save on foods

On January 17, 2012

There are thousands of applications on iPhone just about food but there are also a handful of those that may just save the user that extra buck on foods as well. Some of these applications offer up to 50% off for food and in some cases, free meals as well. If you are looking for a good bargain on food, then these are some apps worth downloading.

Scoutmob – What is good about this application is that restaurants that list their offerings here have a 50% off offer and in some cases 100% off. Some of the cities that Scoutmob supports are Atlanta, Chicago, Boston, Seattle and a few others. There is even a feature called Stache Cam as a side application.

Tweat.it – Food trucks are plentiful and in some cases, the foods provided by the food trucks are delicious as well. Tweat.it allows the user to search for some of the many food trucks in the city. There are also specials and discounts that the user can take a look at as well.

Daily Gobble – The concept of this application is quite unique. Users will need to pay first and then claim their check to get a portion of their money back. This is good for people that dislike using coupons for fear of inferior service.