iPhone Data Retrievable Through iCloud Backups

On May 15, 2012

iPhone integrates well with Apple’s iCloud and in fact, users can even backup their iPhone data through the iCloud but that doesn’t seem to bode well for users in the long run. This is because an application by Elcomsoft allows the user to get forensic access to the online backups uploaded to the iCloud storage server.

The application called Elcom Password Breaker is an application which allows forensic access to any encrypted devices. This includes both Apple and BlackBerry devices. The information given includes SMS, email message, call history, contacts and a lot more things. Suffice to say that when you have this application, no data is safe from being discovered. The new addition to the product also allows the user to gain access to information from online backups. Better yet, you would not need to use iTunes or BlackBerry Desktop Software to get hold of these information as well. The price tag of only $79 makes it a very cheap solution for most people as well.

With this being said and done, it puts the user into a very messy situation especially when this application is readily available for anyone to use it. In the case of iCloud, all that is needed is the username and password of the Apple ID and your information is compromised.