iPhone eBooks… We aren’t surprised but…

On October 3, 2008

According to Forbes magazine the iPhone has emerged as the most popular eBook reader in the United States. What is surprising is that the finding was based on the number of downloads of the Stanza reader NOT eReader.

The numbers are amazing. Stanza (a favorite of Jamie’s) has been downloaded 395,000 times while the Amazon Kindle has sold 380,000 so far. I have to imagine that the gap would grow far far bigger if downloads of eReader (my eBook reader of choice), were added to the mix.

Like the Kindle, Stanza and eReader can download a book over the air.  Stanza and eReader also have the added benefit of always being with you (so long as you always carry your iphone) and, oh yeah, the applications are FREE.

In Kindle’s defense, moving from a "dead tree" edition to the Kindle is far less a stretch, since the Kindle has a generous screen.  Still though, the numbers are pretty amazing.

While I know it is an aquired taste, I am enjoying having my iPhone and touch as my reader more and more.  Now I just need some time to kick back in front of a fire with a good iPhone.

via TUAW