iPhone Firmware 2.1- The Morning After

On September 13, 2008

It is the day after the new firmware was released. So how’s it going? So far so good.

As noted yesterday, the update went as smoothly as could be. Once iTunes  downloaded it, everything moved forward without so much as a hiccup. One of the triggers for my frequent meltdowns seemed to be the sheer number of apps on the iPhone, so initially I didn’t add more than an app or two to my iPhone. When that worked I loaded it up with tons-‘o-apps. It worked fine.

Another trigger seemed to be adding, removing or updating an app directly on my iPhone after loading other via iTunes. To test this I then added two more apps via direct download on the device. When that worked I then removed one app directly from the device. That worked fine as well.

I waited for the App Store to indicate that an update was available. A few hours later the AIM app was shown to have an update. (A good one since I has been unable to log into my AIM account for days.) I downloaded it and…

was please to discover that updates no longer moved my icon all over the device. (What an annoyance that had been.)

Better yet, after the update both AIM specifically and the iPhone in general worked fine. Yes, I know it has been less than twelve hours but so far so great- everything is working just the way I hoped it would from the beginning.

If things continue this way then 2.1 will have given me the device I have always wanted- a touchscreen mobile internet device with 3G connectivity and a wide assortment of useful applications. Sure, in a perfect world it should have been this way from the start but, as Kevin Tofel noted on his site JKOnTheRun, https://www.jkontherun.com/2008/09/iphone-21-firmw.html no other handset has seen the frequency of updates that the first and now the second iPhone have seen. I had devices based on other handheld platforms that we buggy and rarely, if ever, saw an update while the iPhone 3G has already seen two in as many month months. That’s pretty impressive.

There are plently of reasons to criticize Apple these days. They also deserve praise for (apparently) getting it right this time. All indication are… I got my iPhone back!!!

Now I can’t wait to see what the next update brings!!