iPhone hack brings illuminated Apple logo on the iPhone 4/4S

On January 8, 2012

The illuminated Apple logo on the MacBook devices certainly is the trademark of the company. However, these are the only devices on which the Apple logo is illuminated by default. The idea of an iPhone having this illuminated logo isn’t common but a mod created by K.O Gadget does exactly that to an iPhone 4 or 4S.

The mod works relatively easy: users need to only change the back panel with the one sold by K.O Gadget. Once that is placed, then the back will lit on a few scenarios. For example, it will stay on indefinitely while charging. In addition to that, whenever the front screen is turned on, it will also lit and will stay that way for 15 seconds after the screen is turned off. There are a few other scenarios as well but it is possible to check about it on K.O Gadget.

The mod costs $79.90 although it is currently out of stock. It is definitely a cool mod to have but would most probably have an effect on the warranty as well as the phone has been tampered with. The mod will be sold through authorized sole distributors so it would be wise to take a look at those