iPhone Battery – 10 Ways You Can Improve

On May 29, 2011

Since the launch of the first iPhone model was no discussion about the device battery. Every year Apple implement new features and  hardware for them to grow in capability and the batteries are rising to support them. Even in these circumstances the battery life is not the strong point of the iPhones but influence the way you use the actual terminal. Keeping activate certain features or use of certain applications may increase or reduce the battery autonomy. In the following, I will try to explain some ways you can improve your battery terminal.

1.    Set the screen brightness to a lower size. The screen is by far the largest consumer of energy and setting your terminal to a lower its brightness will increase battery life significantly. IOS has a feature that automatically controls the brightness depending on the environment where you are but if you keep active this function consumes more energy than if you manually set the brightness to a low value.
2.¬†¬†¬† Turn off the Wi-Fi connection. If you don’t connect to the internet then it’s good to have Wi-Fi terminal closed all the time because you constantly check around for available networks to connect to the Internet.
3.¬†¬†¬† Turn off the 3G. 3G connection requires much more power than EDGE or GPRS connection so if you do not need the Internet’s best to leave 3G off.
4.¬†¬†¬† Turn off Push notifications. Another big consumer of energy are push notifications as your device is constantly connected to Apple’s servers to check if there is a notification to your applications. If you have the internet closed, but the notices open, the terminal will consume as much energy trying to connect to Apple servers, although it can not.
5.    Turn off the Bluetooth function. If you have a compatible Bluetooth technology it is advisable to close this terminal, will function as the constant search for compatible devices and the autonomy will be wasted unnecessarily.
6.    Turn off the GPS function. GPS Location Services or function requires more energy to run as many applications you use every day using GPS to map your position. It is advisable to close the GPS function when you are not use it.
7.    Close those opened applications from the background. Starting with iOS 4 applications are not automatically closed but remain open in the background now because we multitask. It is advisable to close them manually from the task switcher for the phone and you will free up resources and improve battery life.
8.    Turn off Push/Fetch option from the Mail application. If you wait for an important email when this function will be very helpful but if you use the Mail application just occasionally it is better to close the function Push/Fetch from the Settings/Mail and Contacts.
9.    Do not use 3D graphics applications. Graphic processor chip requires a lot of energy to run and 3D games or graphics applications will require these components. The terminal will be warmer and will drain battery faster than 3G and GPS function.
10.   Set Auto Lock/Auto Block. This feature automatically blocks your terminal when is not in use and will recommend to always set the value of one minute because it will reduce the brightness after a few seconds and it will lock the device after 1 minute. The rise of the autonomy health is significant.