iPhone internet sharing through MyWi 5.5

On April 6, 2012

Tethering is a thing not many people can experience on the iPhone because there are certainly a lot of cases where the carrier decides to block that feature on the device. However, that certainly do not mean that the iPhone will never be able to do tethering because there are applications that can bypass the restriction done by the carrier.

MyWi 5.5 is a tethering application which turns your mobile phone to a mobile hotspot. However, the thing about this application is that it is a jailbreak app which means that it wouldn’t work with devices that aren’t jailbroken. The interesting thing about this new version is that the application has been fully rewritten so that a lot more improvements can be put to it and also to increase the performance of the application as well.

Some interesting improvements that they have done is a faster initialization time and connection speed. In addition to that, all iOS 5.x versions have been rewritten from scratch again. You can also use the Bluetooth tethering to activate the hotspot through the MyWi On Demand as well. If you have been a previous user, you’ll definitely experience the increase in performance of the application. This wonderful app is available for only $19.99.