The iPhone Is/Isn’t A Business Device

On April 10, 2009

As I note in a post yesterday, a good friend of mine recently commented that the iPhone is not a business device. To be a bit more accurate, he said something closer to, "The iPhone is a recreational device plain and simple." Another friend then chimed in that the lack of a physical keyboard makes it subpar for business and a deal-breaker as anything other than a fun device.

Now I flat out disagree.

MAYBE the iPhone started out as a touchscreen iPod with a phone (and web etc) but with the release of thousands of apps it is now much much more than that.

In fact, thanks to all these apps one of the things I love most about the iPhone is that it isn’t an "either/or" device. It IS a great recreational device for music, video, web and games but it is ALSO a terrific work device that lets me leave my notebook at home more often than I ever expected. 

And with regard to the keyboard- it is a matter of taste. I tried to go back to a physical keyboard and HATED it.

Now this from the San Franscisco Business Times– 10% of U.S. doctors, that is 75,000 physicians, have and use the Epocrates iPhone app.

(Apparently if you are in the business of medicine, the iPhone is an excellent business tool.)

So here is my end of the week question for you…

Is Doug right and it is all about fun and games or is it more to you? Is or isn’t the iPhone a business phone in your opinion?

Please start your comments with

"Dear Doug…

The iPhone is/isn’t (choose one) a business phone because…"