iPhone Plus – a 4.94-inch iPhone screen designed by the founder of Instagram

On February 1, 2013

Marco Arment, founder of the Instagram application, made several speculations about the possible launch of a 4.94 inch iPhone screen, but what he says matters less. What it reveals is interesting, and if you look at the picture below, you will notice that the 4.94 inch iPhone screen is positioned between Samsung Galaxy Note II and Samsung Galaxy S III and looks pretty good. Of course not everyone would be willing to buy such a device, but if Apple wants Samsung to fight on all fronts, needs such a device on the market.

iPhone Plus, as was called by Arment, is a device that attracts a good deal of users in a market wanted by very many manufacturers of mobile terminals. Apple might go into battle with a terminal which is certainly extremely popular that will reduce the competitors’ selling’s, but doing so would mean violating several principles strongly support yet. Apple violation of principles is not a problem, as long as they can make money out of it, and I think that an iPhone with a big screen will hit the market in the not too distant future, Apple is aware that they need to have greater success in the future.

iPad Mini was the first proof that Apple is willing to disobey any order to generate sales, looking at the image above we can say that launching an iPhone Plus is very logical and it will take place.