iPhone Plus and iPhone Liquid Metal – Two Amazing iPhone Concepts

On May 2, 2012

iPhone Plus is the concept of a new iPhone 5 terminal, and in the below images we have presented it in detail. I am talking about a device that has a 4.3-inch screen Retina, a 10 megapixel camera and has its housing made ??of “liquid metal” is a A6 quad-core and has a pico-projector along with a capacitive Home button representing an interesting design. The device is extremely thin and to be honest I would not mind at all if Apple would find it advisable to produce such a device for us, but this seems unlikely.


iPhone LM (liquid metal), the concept of an iPhone that has a liquid metal casing and a screen of 4.5 inches. The device has a A6 quad-core processor, 10 megapixel camera, capacitive Home button, SIM card included directly into the motherboard and of course is very thin. From these two concepts, which one would you love to have? I am most likely bow for the first concept, iPhone Plus. Each one of these two devices will surely make the whole world become an iOS fan.